3 Areas to Alter for your Remote Work Policy

by | Jul 2, 2021 | HR Policies

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3 Areas to Alter for your Remote Work Policy

If the pandemic taught us one thing it is that a lot of great work can be done from our home offices. As things open back up, you may start to see a shift with companies choosing to continue remote work or adopt a hybrid schedule. 

Whether your employees will keep working remotely, split their time between home and the office, or go back to the office full-time, it’s a good idea to go ahead and alter your remote work policy. In HR, we always want things to be as up-to-date as possible and reflect the culture and goals of your company. Here are three areas to look deeper into when updating your remote work policy.

Working Hours Expectations for Remote Workers

Be clear about your expectations for remote workers and outline when employees need to be available and how. Mention whether they should be present online, via phone, via video, or on a specific program/software. Setting these expectations helps both you and your employees get the most out of remote workdays.

In-person Requirements

Some hybrid schedules are popping up where employees are expected to come in for certain meetings or on certain days. Outline what is required and clearly communicate these so that employees can plan accordingly. We understand that surprise meetings come up sometimes, but it is better for everyone if your employees have the time to plan for when they need to be in the office.

A Remote Work Management and Improvement Plan

Create a plan for your managers and employees to be successful without being in the same room. Remote management is different from management of employees in an office, and it’s important to outline expectations, touchpoints, and an improvement plan if things fall by the wayside. Everyone should be on the same page no matter what schedule you are working off of.

Remote work is not a trend that will easily die off and, depending on your industry, your company should expect to see more people wanting the option to work remotely. No matter what schedule you are planning to have in the future, it is best to be prepared with a comprehensive remote work policy. Outlining your expectations and requirements covers your bases as well as gives your employees the best guidelines to follow when working from home.

When in doubt, you can rely on our HR consulting services to ensure you have the best policies in place to keep your company running smoothly and keep your employees happy. HR services from teams like Integrity HR can be as broad or as thorough as you need them to be. We can help make sure your company is compliant in every area. Plus, our experts can function as an entire HR Department or can just manage the key elements your business needs to succeed.

Let us help you create a comprehensive Remote Work Policy and HR strategy. Get started today!

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