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A clear strategy for maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at your company can help you create an equitable and inclusive culture with increased employee satisfaction and productivity. When it comes time to develop a successful DE&I initiative, including a recruitment strategy and employee training, Integrity HR is the human resources consulting firm you can trust.

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Your DE&I Mission, Vision, and Strategy

Without proper planning and a clear vision, your new DE&I initiative may lose focus. Large changes must be supported by everyone at the company, starting with the organization’s leadership team. As the first step of any DE&I initiative, it is important for CEOs and executive leadership to reflect upon how increased diversity and inclusion at the company fits into your existing mission statement and vision. This insight will allow your company to develop policies and strategies that align with your values.

Integrity HR’s human resources team has the certifications and expertise to strategize and smoothly implement a DE&I initiative that honors your vision. We are ready to perform a needs assessment, gap analysis and strategy session to help you identify the priorities and goals for your DE&I program.  We will also help you determine how to measure the initiative’s impact on your company’s culture. If you would like to learn more about any of our DE&I services, call 502.753.0970 to get in touch.

DE&I Recruitment

Every organization wants to hire employees who will bring something unique to their team. Hiring candidates from a variety of backgrounds enriches company culture by diversifying team members’ perspectives and beliefs. If your company is interested in implementing or modifying DE&I recruitment and sourcing strategies, our experts can help. Integrity HR will help you develop a DE&I recruitment strategy that includes an assessment of job descriptions, employee benefits, and various hiring practices to ensure you continue to find the best candidates.

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DE&I Training and Development

Diversity training and development activities are necessary to ensure all employees do their part to create an equitable and inclusive work environment. What do you want to communicate to your employees about the company’s DE&I efforts, and what do they need to know to ensure team members and customers are treated with respect? Integrity HR can help you answer these questions. We’ll create and present a diversity training program based around clearly-defined learning objectives to ensure that the results are measurable and effective. Contact us today.

Expert DE&I Services

Would you like Integrity HR to help your company develop a comprehensive DE&I strategy? Call us today at 502.753.0970 or contact us online to learn more about any of our products and services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take your human resources function and make it compliant, efficient, and aligned with your business strategy. For a more in-depth explanation of the HR audit process and how it can help your organization, contact Integrity HR online or by calling 502.753.0970.