HR Assessments + Strategy

Are you interested in turning your HR department into a profit center through strategic development? Strategic HR consulting services from Integrity HR will help you maximize your HR processes. The first step to creating a more effective strategy is understanding how your company’s HR is currently operating. When you consult Integrity HR, we’ll conduct an analysis of your current HR strategy, gaining insight through employee surveys, and present you with a comprehensive report of our findings. Our HR professionals will also offer implementation recommendations that you can use to develop a more profitable and efficient HR strategy.

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The HR Assessment Process

We will begin our assessment by inspecting all the key areas of human resources. During our comprehensive assessment, we will evaluate the following:

  • Overall HR Strategy
  • Recruitment practices
  • Legal Compliance
  • Workflows and processes
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Current technology vs. future needs (automation opportunities, etc.)
  • Employee relations activities and approaches
  • Termination processes/offboarding
  • Feedback mechanisms in place now and needed for the future
  • Forms management
  • Benefits processes/workflows
  • Current state vs. future state of human resources
  • HR organizational structure analysis
  • Overall findings and recommendations from the above areas

We utilize a standardized, proprietary questionnaire and data information sheet as a guide during our review of best practices. Additionally, we may consider feedback from leadership and other employees to gain an understanding of the needs of the HR department, areas for growth, and necessary learning and development of staff.

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Summarizing Assessment Findings + Creating an HR Strategy

Our assessment summary will provide recommendations in each of the key areas of human resources listed above, which will outline specific areas of opportunity, as well as a prioritization of how to streamline HR practices, work compliantly, and deploy best practices within your organization now and in future years. As appropriate, we will also provide benchmarking metrics for best practices to help support continued growth.

We will provide you with our written report of findings and recommendations electronically, then schedule a review session to discuss the findings in person or via video call. We will also provide implementation recommendations and specific projects and technology that may be beneficial for consideration.

Benefits of Our HR Assessment

The benefits you’ll gain from Integrity HR’s assessment process include:

  • A proactive human resource consulting team with expertise in conducting human resource reviews and initiatives for venture capital firms and closely held businesses of similar size and operations
  • Providing you with an overview and score card for compliance with all federal and state laws, with the goal of reducing liability of litigation on personnel related issues
  • Experienced human resource professionals who can provide both strategic and tactical day-to-day experience in human resource issues (biographies attached)
  • Expertise in all areas of human resources, at a fraction of the cost of a higher level management professional – we can help to “fix” the problems once they’re identified
  • Reduced expenses relative to litigation and recruiting
  • Overall reduced expenses and greater return on investment
  • A proactive approach to preparing a roadmap for human capital growth, and best practices benchmarks
  • A valuable report providing an important roadmap for managing and strengthening your Human Capital resources as your company continues to grow

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