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Since 2007, we have served clients in many sectors and with many unique HR needs. Our team is skilled at tailoring our outsourced HR and HR consulting services to best suit the needs of your organization, leading to highly-relevant strategic recommendations, industry-specific recruitment efforts, and a deep understanding of compliance and compensation. Put simply, our services produce the results you want and need.

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Nonprofit organizations must carefully coordinate HR efforts. The board must be in agreement on the HR strategy and consulting services the nonprofit utilizes, and the organization may contend with a more rigid budget than private companies. Integrity HR is well-versed in the challenges many nonprofits face. We’ll remain flexible and communicative throughout your outsourced HR or HR consulting experience.

Professional Services Firms

Compliance is an important consideration for attorneys, accountants, and other professional services firms. As a service business, it’s also important to recruit team members who deliver the best results to your clients. Outsourced HR with Integrity helps professional services firms meet the compliance standards within their industry while attracting and maintaining the best talent.

Private Companies

From compensation packages to hiring requirements, private companies have the freedom to define their company culture. Integrity HR will help you create an HR strategy that aligns with your company’s mission and values.

Private Equity Portfolio Firms

Your investors want to see the value of your company continue to increase, which means it is vital that you maintain a cost-effective human resources strategy and recruit employees who can help the company grow. Integrity HR offers outsourced human resources and HR projects to increase company talent and ensure smooth interpersonal dynamics.

Family-Owned Businesses

Operating a family-owned business often requires you to juggle many plates, and human resources concerns may not be at the top of your priority list. These unresolved issues can put strain on the business and may even cause familial rifts. Integrity HR reduces the burden on families by offering both outsourced HR and HR consulting services that suit your needs and your budget.

Virtual Companies

Fully-remote companies need HR services that reflect their business model. Running an HR department without a brick-and-mortar office presents challenging questions, from how to conduct compliance and leadership training to how digital employee misconduct should be addressed. Integrity HR is happy to be your virtual HR department.

Government, Municipalities, & Contracts

Governments face strict compliance when hiring, handling employee complaints, and enacting HR policies. Work with Integrity HR to audit your current strategy and find any areas of concern. You can feel confident when conducting daily HR functions knowing that our team is here to ensure compliance.

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