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HR Consulting Projects

Our HR Consulting Projects cover a variety of specific HR needs that many businesses struggle to address. These HR projects are designed to alleviate the burden of HR on your business’s resources and leadership.

Completing an HR Project is a good fit for your organization if your business is suffering from specific HR pain-points, but is not ready or able to pursue HR Outsourcing. Check out the list below to see the wide range of HR consulting project services we offer.

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Professional Recruiting Services

By using our professional recruiting services, you’ll attract high caliber, experienced employees who fit your culture. Learn more.

HR Audit and Operational Review

An HR Audit & Operational Review will help your company identify state and federal compliance discrepancies, which will prevent you from paying up to $100,000 in fines and penalties. Learn more.

Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning

We’ll develop your company’s incentive compensation plan that is competitive, equitable, and attracts the right talent while enhancing the company culture. Learn more.

Employee Training Programs

Our professionals will lead employee development programs that have been proven to significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organization. Learn More.


More and more organizations have begun to understand how to turn their HR Departments into profit centers through strategic development. Strategic HR Consulting services from Integrity HR will help you maximize your HR processes. Learn More.

Succession Planning

We’ll create a strategic succession plan that helps you to identify critical jobs, potential successors, and skills gaps. Learn More about how to do succession management within your company

Leadership Development & Coaching

Although in some cases people need coaching to address work-related issues that have surfaced, it is most often the case that the individual who needs leadership development coaching has a great amount of potential, and just needs help getting there. Learn More about how to bring in leadership development programs for your company.

Integrity HR is committed to providing the highest level of HR consulting services and expertise with all of our organizational improvement solutions.

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