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We’ll create a strategic succession plan that helps you to identify critical jobs, potential successors, and skills gaps.

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Every company (big or small) needs to have a succession plan in place. A solid succession plan can assist with business continuity, tap the potential for intellectual capital in the organization & improve employee morale, among other benefits.

Our Strategic Succession Planning Service helps your business to identify critical jobs, potential successors and skills gaps while providing employees with insight into available career goals.

Succession planning is the act of managing key personnel transitions for maximum continuity of operations, retention of “institutional knowledge,” and minimum disruption.

When we help you to develop a succession plan, we identify internal employees with the potential to fill leadership positions so you can help them along that path. This makes for a smoother transition when leadership change happens in your business.

We’ll walk with you through the key steps of Strategic Succession Planning and help you to:

  • Develop A Plan: We’ll help you to define your company’s mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate Your Current Situation: We’ll see if your current business processes and organizational focus are aligned with your vision and plan so we can help you to prepare for leadership change.
  • Identify Key Positions: We’ll prepare a list of all the positions for which succession plans are necessary and develop lists of skills & abilities, required knowledge, and attitudes.
  • Identify Internal Talent: We’ll help you to assess your internal talent pool first and identify your high-potential employees, looking at the history of your hires and promotions to identify natural career path developments.
  • Document: We’ll help you to document the policies, procedures, plans, and activities that would otherwise be lost when people depart. Capturing and preserving the “institutional knowledge” of these key positions will help those who replace key leaders in the future.
  • Transition: We’ll help you develop your talent that you identify to succeed the key leader in your organization. Then, we will assist with the transition timeline and communication associated with a successful hand-off within the organization.

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Call us at 877-753-0970 or simply fill out this form to learn more about how we can help you to develop an effective succession plan for your business.