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by | Aug 24, 2015 | Blog, HR Compliance

  • Amy Letke

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We’re happy to present a new blog series… “Best Of”!

Every now and then, we will post an Integrity HR “Best Of” blog, which lists our most popular blogs within a certain topic… Because good things are worth revisiting!

For our inaugural post we’ve chosen “HR Compliance” as the topic. Why? Because it’s just oh so important!

As business owners, we face ever-changing employment laws, requirements and regulations every day. And we all know if we don’t stay in line, then we are in some serious trouble!

Luckily, HR pros love laws. And we love keeping our clients out of trouble.

So let’s re-learn, revisit, and refresh our minds with our best blogs regarding legal compliance.

1. Top 10 Violations Investigated by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet (And How to Avoid Them!) Part 1

This is one of our most popular blogs… and for good reason. Our team actually sat down with program managers from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet to get the information. Plus, not only do we list the top violations, but we also explain the right way to help you avoid investigations and fines. Read now to find out what the top 5 violations are.

2. Top 10 Violations Investigated By The Kentucky Labor Cabinet (And How To Avoid Them!) Part 2

Betcha didn’t see this one coming. Kidding. Of course, we couldn’t just put part 1 on here without part 2! Read now to find out what violations 6-10 are & how to avoid them.

3. Employee Record Retention and Destruction: A Lesson in Keeping it Confidential and Cleaning out the Clutter

This ones a classic- We still get a kick out of the real-life example! Let’s just say this blog is definitely a “what not to do” type lesson. Read (or re-read) for a quick reminder of how to legally handle employee records.

4. Top 10 HR Mistakes That Can Cost You A Ton Of Money & Get You In Legal Trouble

The appeal of this one is in its title— who wants to lose money or get into legal trouble? That’s what we thought. This blog is one of our most shared; maybe it’s because you can watch a video or read the info. Either way, it definitely earns its place on this list with its specific and very helpful tips.

5. Tips for Employers: Breastfeeding Mothers In The Workplace

This article mentions that August is national breastfeeding month. And its August now, so what better time to re-read this gem? Not only is it timely, but this article is a great resource for learning about the relevant laws and how to prevent “lactation discrimination.” (Yes, that’s a real term.) Bonus: there is even talk of ROI for your business.

Bonus Best Of’s:

6 Tips To Help Protect Your Company From an Age Discrimination Claim
7 Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Gender Identity in the Workplace— A newbie, but a goodie!

HR complianceDoes all this HR compliance talk stress you out? We don’t blame you.

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