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by | Aug 24, 2009 | Blog, Human Resources

  • Amy Letke

    Amy Newbanks Letke, SPHR, GPHR, is the Founder of Integrity HR, Inc. Amy provides workplace solutions to improve performance, reduce liability and increase profits. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success. Contact us for more insights - 502-753-0970 or

It’s no secret that many companies are struggling to keep things afloat during these tough economic times. Employees have to wear many hats as employers seek to “do more with less”. Most people tend to think right now employees just feel lucky to have a job; however, the data disagrees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two million Americans voluntarily quit their job last month. That’s one per second! Think about what that could mean for your company.

Here’s something to think about: When is the last time you gave your employees a morale booster? I’m not talking about throwing a fancy party or giving out a huge bonus; rather, just a small, but you can bet certainly appreciated, pat on the back?

Morale boosters don’t have to be anything extravagant. Here are some relatively inexpensive ideas that won’t break the bank, but will give you an opportunity to let your employees know how much you appreciate their dedication.

  • Write (yes, handwrite) them a thank you note
  • Throw a friendly corn hole or bocce tournament at lunchtime
  • Provide muffins / donuts for your next meeting
  • Personally recognize each individual or department in a staff meeting / company newsletter
  • Incorporate quarterly “movie and popcorn” afternoons
  • Have a weekly drawing and the winner gets his or her car cleaned at the office

You get the point. Letting employees know they are a valued part of the organization will go a long way in keeping them happy, which is your best defense against turnover.

Submitted by Dawn Karrer, PHR; Human Resources Consultant with IntegrityHR, Inc

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