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About Integrity HR’s HR Solutions

To help you keep up with the ever demanding HR legislation, Integrity HR has developed HR solutions along with its services to help you effectively manage human resources within your organization.

HR newsletter

HR Updates Newsletter

The Integrity HR Human Resources Newsletter provides a simple, yet effective summary of what is going on in the world of HR each month without being overcomplicated, saving you a ton of time. It’s an easy way for you to improve your business by keeping current on hot HR matters. Click here to learn more.

Employee Behavioral & Talent Assessment Tools

Employee Behavioral & Talent Assessment Tools

Does your business struggle to find great employees? Would you like to know exactly how to develop your current employees for better performance? We offer a variety of behavioral and talent assessment tools to fit your needs. Click here to learn more.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Assessments, Oh My! Endless stacks of paper inevitably doomed to fall off of your desk will become a thing of the past when your company implements our electronic job application and tracking system. Click here to learn more.

Learning Management System

Sapphire Learning Management System

This online solution allows you to easily create and host online courses as well as schedule and track live classroom trainings. We have over 800 courses in the library for you to choose from and we can load your company’s or Integrity HR’s customized trainings into your system. Click here to learn more.

Employment Background Checks

Background Check Solutions

Background checks are extremely vital to the hiring process. Many employers often skip the important background check step in an effort to save time. This can be a very costly mistake. The fact is, past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. Click here to learn more.

Compensation Benchmarking

Compensation Benchmarking

Integrity HR’s Compensation Benchmarking services will analyze your market and create a compensation benchmark for you given the characteristics of your company and the positions offered. Click here to learn more.

HR Client Testimonial

Integrity HR is committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise with all of our solutions and services.

We are
committed to
providing the
highest level
of service and
expertise with all
of our solutions
and services.

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