Applicant Tracking System

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Assessments, Oh My! Endless stacks of paper inevitably doomed to fall off of your desk will become a thing of the past when your company implements our web-based Applicant Tracking System.

Integrity HR’s Applicant Tracking System is a web-based hiring software that automates every step in your hiring process. This system makes you look like a rockstar with your applicants through easy-to-find online job postings, automated resume uploads, and professional email communications.

Did we mention it is affordable and makes your life easier? Contact us today to find out more!

There are two “level” options with our Applicant Tracking System.

Features Included In All Levels of our Applicant Tracking System:

  • A professionally branded career site
  • Job screening questions to filter your applicants
  • Auto-push your jobs to free and paid job boards including and more
  • A customizable online employment application

  • Instant reporting on your entire hiring process
  • Unlimited manager logins at no additional cost
  • Templates for communicating with your applicants
  • Job seekers can sign up for automated job alerts
  • An extremely easy to use time-saving system

Premium Features Available with Level 2:

  • Multiple Applications
  • Premium Source Reports
  • SEEK Integration
  • Employee Referral Portal
  • Allow JPEG Resume Uploads
  • Requisitions

  • Auto-Assigned Application Statuses
  • SEO
  • HR Data Surveys
  • Reference Check Feature
  • Customize Email Responses to Fit Applicants

Pricing Plans Available:

  • Annual fee based on level and number of employees
  • One-time implementation and training fee

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