Background Checks

Employment Background Checks

Background checks are extremely vital to the hiring process. Many employers often skip the important background check step in an effort to save time. This can be a very costly mistake. The fact is, past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

If proper background checks are not performed on job candidates there is no way of knowing what their complete background is, other than trusting your job candidates to be up front and honest.

What will a Background Check tell you about a Candidate?

  • Did they really finish their degree?
  • Did they work for X company for X number of years?
  • Do they have a criminal record or poor credit history?
  • Do they have other issues that would compromise company security?

Integrity HR offers a complete background checking service to its clients in order to ensure that all of the important facts to making a hiring decision are uncovered before moving forward with a job candidate.

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