Is HR Outsourcing the right choice for your organization?

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Our HR Outsourcing service helps business owners to develop HR initiatives that align with their organization’s overall mission and strategic goals.

As an HR Outsourcing (commonly referred to as HRO) client, we serve as your partner in HR development. We work to save you money and time, improve your company’s productivity and profitability, reduce your risks, and oh yeah, give you the opportunity to do what you do best – make your company a great place to work!

We can function as your entire HR Department, or we can just manage certain key elements of your HR Department to improve administrative, operational, or strategic HR capacity.

Interested in learning more about developing a customized HR Outsourcing plan for your business? Let us know on our HR Start Page so we can schedule an introductory phone call with you to learn about your unique needs.

First, think about what brought you to this page. An employee issue? An EEOC compliance reminder? A recruiting nightmare? One of our cleverly worded emails?

If you’re reading this, one of a few things has probably happened in your organization recently:

  • Maybe you’re going through the growing pains of a thriving business
  • Maybe your organization is to the point where you need help in HR, but you don’t necessarily need a full HR department
  • Maybe you’ve had a recent bad experience with an HR-related role in your company that could have been avoided if you had a more competent HR resource

All of our HR Outsourced clients receive a team of HR Professionals who consult with our entire Integrity HR team to generate the best solutions for your needs.

Our team of Certified HR Professionals cooperate systematically and strategically with one another to provide expert HR Outsourcing to your business.

As part of our HR Outsourcing family, Integrity HR would be the answer to the challenges with your day-to-day HR needs. Whether you…

  • are facing a complex compliance situation
  • need help handling difficult employee issues
  • need management support
  • need on-site resources to ensure compliance, solid policies/practices
  • need help hiring the best employees who will stay with you
  • need a resource for payroll outsourcing
  • need “on site” or phone support for those challenging HR solutions…

HR Outsourcing might be a good fit for your business if:

  • Your organization has 20 – 200 employees (sometimes more especially if you have multiple locations).
  • You question the need for a full-time resource
  • You don’t have the resources for a full-time HR professional
  • You want a team of consultants with a variety of expertise

We know that our outsourced HR solutions won’t be the best fit for all organizations, so we also offer a variety of project-based services and additional solutions to help alleviate the burden of HR for those businesses too. If HRO doesn’t sound like a good fit for your business, check out our HR Projects here.

Interested in learning more about developing a customized HRO plan for your business? Fill out the short form on our Start Page so we can schedule an introductory phone call with you to learn about your unique needs.