What Not To Wear To A Company Picnic

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Blog

  • Amy Letke

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Ah, the season of endless sunshine and tropical temperatures is upon us once again! Working in an office that’s practically a deep freezer, you might forget that the great outdoors is baking at a balmy 95 degrees. That is, until you step outside and get a humid slap in the face. Yeah, we’re talking about good old summertime, where the heat index rivals that of a pre-heated oven and humidity’s sole aim is to transform your face into a melted waxwork. If you have a company picnic coming up, you may be wondering what is acceptable to wear.

Sure, we could write about the standard “Office Dress Code for Summer,” but hey, that’s old news. But today, we’re addressing the great event known as the Company Picnic. 

This soiree can be deceiving – pretending to be all fun and games while it’s an official event in disguise. Beware, comrades! This isn’t a scene from The Hangover; what happens at a company picnic is not staying at the picnic. 

Fellow coworkers, remember, it’s a no-go on the summer club attire. Instead, let’s address the enigma that is “What Not to Wear To A Company Picnic”. 

Listen Up Fashionistas – Do’s and Don’ts for A Company Picnic 

Holey clothes: We know your ripped jeans are comfy and they’re oh-so-chic for those DIY house tasks but save your coworkers from the sight of your flaming boxers poking through those worn-out holes. And that polo with the mini armpit window? We noticed it during your high-five celebration with Bob.

Jorts: Jean shorts, anyone? Unless you’re aiming to win the ‘Fashion Disaster of the Year’ award, avoid them like the plague.

Graphic tees: Tempted to flaunt your old college “Beer Pong Champs” tee or your controversial Ed Hardy shirts? Save it for the time machine. Opt for a cool polo shirt or a plain colored tee. And please, leave the sweat-revealing grey at home.

Mowing shoes: We know you’re proud of your lawn, but company picnics aren’t the place to flaunt your grass-stained shoes. Choose neat tennis shoes or manly sandals, but please, let’s keep the socks at bay.

Daisy Dukes: If your shorts threaten to reveal more than they cover or resemble a safari outfit, it’s a hard pass. Find a happy medium that flatters you without reducing your dignity to a punchline.

Crop tops/Tube tops: Sleeveless tops are a-okay, just keep the coverage professional.

Skyscraper heels: While we doubt anyone would rock a pair of stilettos at a picnic, we’re putting it out there. Choose comfy yet stylish sandals that are sure to wow without the risk of twisted ankles.

Clubwear: Think twice before wearing anything you’d hit the dance floor in, including revealing dresses. A modest summer dress can do wonders for your style and reputation. 

Accessories? We’re leaving that up to you. Just remember, this isn’t a 90s nostalgia event, so leave the fanny packs in the past where they belong. 

Remember, folks, it’s all about balance. Even if your company picnic sounds like the “Annual XYZ Super Fun Summer Extravaganza”, it’s still a professional event. So, keep it classy, keep it cool, and most importantly, keep it you! Oh, and don’t forget to check out your dress code policy for more information. Happy picnicking! 

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