Onboarding By The Numbers [Infographic]

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Blog

  • Amy Letke

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In case you missed our cruise-tastic onboarding seminar last month, we thought we’d review onboarding with you. Because, well, onboarding is important.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll let the numbers talk:Onboarding

Now that you know the importance of onboarding by the numbers, let’s talk implementation. Here are our favorite points from our seminar:

Takeaway Point #1: Onboarding vs. Orientation
Orientation is a part of the onboarding process. Orientation lasts a few days and is usually the same for everyone (such as filling out paperwork, etc.), whereas onboarding lasts several months/years and is customized to each employee.

Takeaway Point #2: A good onboarding program starts BEFORE the new hire’s first day. 
According to the Aberdeen Group, 83 percent of the highest performing organizations begin the onboarding process before a new employee’s first day on the job. Onboarding tasks before the first day can include: having new employee fill out paperwork, sending a “quick start” guide to employee with info about what to wear/where to park, etc., and more.

Takeaway Point #3: Steps for creating your onboarding program:
1. Choose your onboarding “steering team” (who will be involved)
2. Identify processes and tasks
3. Set goals

Takeaway Point #4: Clarity is key.
A successful orientation program provides employees with clear goals/mission and clear roles and responsibilities.

Takeaway Point #5: There’s a formula for this.
Onboarding programs should be consistent, systematic, comprehensive, & strategic. They should include pre-work, first day & week assignments, feedback, and follow up.

If you’d like to know more about onboarding, feel free to contact us. Onboarding is an exciting process—and oh so important to employee retention! We could go on and on about it. Also, we just love our “nautical” onboarding theme, can’t you tell?

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