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Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage…

Now that we’ve got that song stuck your head, let’s talk about the elephant in the office — Valentine’s Day!

It’s coming up. And even though it falls on a Sunday this year, that doesn’t mean Cupid won’t be striking arrows in your workplace.

Romance and work have never gone together quite as well as a horse and carriage. So as a business owner, how do you deal?

Allow us to help. We searched our archives to find the very best Valentine’s Day-themed blogs to help you navigate the season of love.

From handling office romances to sexting, we’ve got all the information you need to have a fun, compliant, and HR-approved Valentine’s Day.

Here’s 4 of Integrity HR’s best Valentine’s Day blogs:

1. Handling Office Romances

This topic is often the first one that comes to mind when you think of HR & Valentine’s Day together. We get asked about office romances a lot. So what do you do if Bill and Janet from accounting get all Jim & Pam on you? Find out by reading this blog.

2. Hugging at Work

Ah, the hug – a centerpiece of both romantic and platonic affection. Who doesn’t love a nice hug? Some people, actually. And they may be your co-workers. In this blog, we discuss appropriate hugging etiquette at work – for both the huggers and non-huggers out there.

3. Preventing Sexual Harassment

Okay, we know sexual harassment doesn’t represent love or anything Valentine’s Day stands for. But, unfortunately it is a relevant topic that must addressed. Read this blog to learn 7 ways sexual harassment can be prevented at your workplace.

4. Sexting

Not to ruin the fun, but we’ve got another serious topic. Sexting may seem harmless, but it can become a form of sexual harassment, especially when combined with work. Read this blog to learn how you can protect yourself and your employees from this issue. (Isn’t modern romance fun?)

There you have it: 4 of our best Valentine’s Day blogs!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love (in a completely appropriate HR way),
Your friends at Integrity HR

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