Relieving Your HR Headache

We get this question a lot: So what exactly is HR Outsourcing?

This question is usually followed by: How do I know if I need HR Outsourcing? We’ve developed this infographic to help you decide if you’re ready to feel better about your HR.

HR Prescription Infographic - Relieving Your HR Headache

If you’re ready to feel better about your HR, contact Integrity HR today.

We’ll not only get you back on your feet, but we’ll have you running circles around all those companies still trying to manage with “Do-It-Yourself” HR.

Integrity HR utilizes a team of Certified HR Professionals who cooperate systematically and strategically with one another to provide small to medium sized organizations (typically 20-200 employees) with expert HR Outsourcing. This team approach provides expertise from many different areas of Human Resources, something one person alone could not provide.

As part of our HR Outsourcing family, Integrity HR would be the answer to the challenges with your day-to-day HR needs. Whether you…

  • are facing a complex compliance situation
  • need help handling difficult employee issues
  • need management support
  • need on-site resources to ensure compliance, solid policies/practices
  • need help hiring the best employees who will stay with you
  • need a resource for payroll outsourcing
  • need “on site” or phone support for those challenging HR solutions…