HR Services

At Integrity HR, we offer a range of HR services designed to help employers improve organizational and business performance through people, productivity and best practices.

HR might not be your expertise or maybe you are an HR professional looking to outsource a burdensome HR project. Either way, we provide the expert HR help you need, so you can focus on leading your business and supporting your team. If you have an HR issue, we can handle it!

We can do it all…or just what you need!

Integrity HR can function as your entire HR department for a certain bank of hours per month or we can just work on a specific project that is giving you an HR headache.

How do you know what services you need? Give us a call or keep scrolling to see if our HR Outsourcing service or our HR Consulting projects would be the best fit for your company.

Option 1: We Do It All!


Integrity HR can function as your entire HR department or just manage certain key elements of your HR Department to help with your day-to-day and strategic HR needs. Learn more here about the benefits of outsourcing HR.

Option 2: We Do Just What You Need!


Do you have a specific HR pain-point that you need help addressing? Our HR projects alleviate the burden of these common HR problems on your business’s resources and leadership. Learn more here.

Our HR Consulting Projects include: Recruiting Services, HR Compliance Audits, Employee Handbooks, Compensation Plan Development, Employee Training, Organizational Planning, Professional Speaking and more!

Help Me Choose: HR Outsourcing or HR Consulting Projects?

To help you discover which services might best fulfill your business’ HR needs, consider the questions below:

Question 1: Do you question the need for a full-time resource or are you dissatisfied with your current HR provider?

Question 2: Do you need an ongoing, strategic partner to help you develop your company’s HR goals and complete your company’s HR initiatives?

If you answered yes to question 1 or 2, then an HR Outsourcing partnership might be a good fit for your business. Learn more about our HR Outsourcing service here.

Question 3: Do you have a full-time HR professional on your team or are you the HR professional?

Question 4: Are you looking for an HR partner to help you complete a specific HR project like recruiting, employee handbooks, or compensation plan development within a certain amount of time?

If you answered yes to question 3 or 4, then an HR Consulting Project might be a good fit for your business. Learn more about the HR consulting projects we offer here. 

Interested in learning more about developing a customized HR plan for your business? Fill out our contact form here so we can schedule an introductory phone call with you to learn about your unique needs.

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