Dianna Mazzoni

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Dianna Mazzoni

Executive Assistant

Who Is Dianna Mazzoni?

Dianna Mazzoni is the Executive Assistant for Integrity HR Inc., a human resource consulting and outsourcing firm in Louisville, Kentucky.

In her role, Dianna handles the day to day operation of the office, including greeting clients, answering the phone and taking care of many things that may come up during the day for team members and clients.

Dianna’s Background

Dianna has served in Executive Assistant and Director of Operations positions for the majority of her career. Prior to Integrity HR, she began her career with 28 years in the car and truck rental/leasing business, and then she was on to becoming the Director of Operations for a financial advisory and energy study business for over 10 years.

Dianna is often referred to as the “office mom” or as one of her current co-workers said, the “swiss army knife” of the team. If you need it done, just see Dianna!

A Little More About Dianna

Dianna likes to play tennis, garden and create in the kitchen!