HR Audit & Operational Review in Indiana

Integrity HR Audits & Operational ReviewHuman Resource issues have become more complex over the years, due in part to new and ever changing federal and state employment regulations. How does an organization know if it is staying compliant in the area of human resources? A HR Audit and Operational Review will tell you exactly where your Indiana company is at risk and how to fix it.

Many times, the first step to evaluate HR programs and practices by conducting a comprehensive, confidential audit of all your HR practices, procedures and policies.

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HR Audit & Operational Review for Indiana Companies

Here are the Main Areas of Focus of the
Integrity HR Human Resource Audit Process:

STEP 1: Strategic HR Management
STEP 2: Employment Practices & Record Keeping
STEP 3: Recruitment Process and Programs
STEP 4: Employee Compensation
STEP 5: Employee Benefits
STEP 6: Federal and State Regulations
STEP 7: Employee Relations & Performance Management
STEP 8: Human Resource Information Systems
STEP 9: Workplace Safety and Risk Management

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