HR Solutions For Cities & Municipalities

Let Integrity HR be your independent, confidential, 3rd party to support you and help your city shine even more!

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Integrity HR’s services aren’t just for small businesses. Our HR services can be customized to help improve your city’s operations.

Human Resources solutions for cities and municipalities should not be one size fits all. At Integrity HR, we recognize that your city is unique. You have certain HR issues and employee challenges that the city down the road might not ever have to deal with. That is why you deserve a strategic HR partner – not an “HR Services” fee added on to your monthly payroll services bill.

What does that even mean exactly?

It typically means you get set up on an automated HR information system that may give you less paperwork and produce lots of useless reports. Maybe you will be added to a weekly HR update email. If you’re lucky, you may get to ask a few questions to an “HR Consultant.” In this situation, most of the HR burden still rests on your shoulders. How does that sound to you?

Unlike those other companies claiming to offer HR services – HR solutions for cities are our bread and butter. We aren’t a CPA firm, a Payroll company or even an insurance company trying to upsell you on HR services. We are exactly how we appear – your strategic HR partner here to help you upgrade the bottom line on human resources and improve employee issues management.

Just like the video shows, Integrity can swoop in like a superhero (we typically don’t wear capes to our clients’ offices however) to take care of all your employee issues. We’ll assess your strengths and your weaknesses and from that set up a customized plan to improve your city’s operations. It’s HR that finally adds to your bottom line.

HR is about more than policies and procedures. HR is about more than compensation. HR is about more hiring and firing.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to improve the quality of your HR offerings without breaking the bank.
  • You want to increase productivity without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • You want to focus on improving your city and stop worrying about the day-to-day employee issues.
  • You want to save the money that it would cost you to have an in-house HR professional.
  • And of course you want to reduce the legal compliance risks for your city. (Who wouldn’t?)

If we listed your reason for choosing to outsource your human resources, then you deserve more than just an additional “HR Service” fee added to your monthly Payroll services bill.

You Deserve More.

You deserve a partner like Integrity HR that provides HR solutions for cities to improve performance, reduce liability and increase profits.

You deserve a local company with roots in your town that knows your community. You deserve an HR consultant that can come to your office whenever you’re having an HR crisis or when you just need a one-on-one meeting.

You deserve to have the support of a team of certified HR consultants that understand and serve your city’s unique needs.

You Deserve Results.

After partnering with Integrity HR, clients report these results:

  • 45% improvement in compliance, risk reduction & HR practices.
  • 30% increase in management’s time for non-HR issues.
  • 25% decrease in worker’s compensation related injuries.
  • Comparable savings up to $100,000 in prevented lawsuits and attorney’s fees.
  • $10’s of thousands saved in process improvement with best practices and smart decisions.
  • Over $50,000 saved in personnel and overhead reduction.

*Some clients report higher results and others don’t have as significant results. It all depends on if the client follows our advice. We can’t force you to change.

At Integrity HR, we apply strategic HR practices to position your city for success in all areas of human resources. We don’t attempt to do your taxes. We do what we know best, and we find other experts that will help you in those areas outside of Human Resources.

Our HR Consulting Services for Cities Include:

  • Defining HR Strategy and Creating Annual HR plans
  • Organizational Studies (job alignment and productivity)
  • Compensation Plan Support—auditing, creating new, and updating existing plans are our forte!
  • Investigation Services—for challenging sexual/unlawful harassment, and uncovering unique situations within an organization.
  • Employee handbooks and policy manuals— developing new and updates
  • Exemption Testing & Job Description Development—helping you be compliant with overtime requirements
  • Employee and Management Training Programs
  • HR Compliance—to help you ensure success with requirements
  • Performance Management & 360 degree assessments of performance
  • Succession Planning
  • Plus custom projects to support initiatives underway in your organization!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Mike Spence, Vice President, Kizan Technologies LLC“We’re all about technology and great at what we do, but the human systems and HR part is something we count on the real professionals to help us with. That’s why we partner with Integrity HR – they’re the experts.”

– Mike Spence, Vice President, Kizan Technologies LLC


Lynn Cooper, President/CEO, BFW, Inc.“Working with Integrity HR has given me peace of mind. I am a true believer in bringing in the experts for HR advice and that’s why I partner with Integrity HR.”

– Lynn Cooper, President/CEO, BFW, Inc.


Dr. M Bradley Calobrace, Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center“You may think you know HR, but it is not worth reinventing the wheel when you can partner with Integrity HR. Their team is action-oriented and always available to assist in a friendly and professional way.”

-Dr. M Bradley Calobrace, CaloAesthetics


Lyndy Alexander, Chief Financial Officer, National Center for Families Learning“The financial benefit of working with Integrity HR has been the biggest value. We don’t need to have a certified HR specialist on staff. This solution is efficient for us and for our size organization.”

-Lyndy Alexander, Chief Financial Officer, National Center for Families Learning


What’s Next?

If you’re still reading this page, then you must seriously be interested in our HR solutions for cities & municipalities! So we’d love to get to know you a little better! Let’s Connect! Simply fill out of the form at the top of the page to have us contact you or simply pick up the phone and talk to one of our HR experts. (Yes, real people, not machines answer our phones Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST)

Here’s our number – 877-753-0970