Health Care Reform Podcast

Did you hear about the Health Care Reform regulation changes that took place in February? If you missed that update, these changes came about with several hundred pages of information! Did you read it?

It’s obviously been challenging for HR professionals and business owners to figure out what these things mean.

Luckily, I just recorded a 45 minute podcast with Angie Weilage – Employee Benefits Consultant from Brown & Brown – where we discussed the recent regulation changes and provided guidance for what these regulation changes mean for our organization, for our employees, and for our businesses.

Please let me know if you need any help with the Health Care Reform changes and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with Angie.

Health Care Reform 2014 Update Seminar ImageIf you’re still looking for some Health Care Reform guidance (or need updates on the most recent changes), I urge you to attend our free seminar in Louisville, KY on April 15

At this seminar, we’ll talk about the major 2014 Health Care provisions that may impact your organization. We’ll cover the compliance rules as well as developments since the law’s initial passage and let you know about any looming deadlines. We will also discuss some current ideas and strategies for reducing costs while maintaining access and quality.