COVID-19 Resources

To help you navigate the HR challenges caused by the Coronavirus, we are providing several resources you can use. You’ll find downloadable sample documents and an HR tip sheet that provide practical and real-time help. We want you to have a playbook to turn to throughout this evolving pandemic response.

In addition to the downloadable resources, we also have a few video resources you’ll benefit from. Check out the latest webinar, recorded live on April 29 and available now on-demand.

Return to Work | COVID-19 Recommendations & Tips for Recalling and Returning Employees to Work


We appreciate you and know you are facing unprecedented challenges at work. Thank you your interest in our resources.

If you have any questions or ways we can help your business, let us know below and we’ll be in touch right away.

The WRONG place to look for HR answers during a pandemic

Fun with a Magic 8-Ball and a fresh look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! What questions are you asking during this transitional time in the COVID-19 pandemic? Where are you turning for advice?

Keeping Continuity with Your Team During a Crisis

As leaders, turning your attention from the every day “blocking and tackling” of the business can be tough. Amy Letke, Founder and CEO, shares four things that will help you get to the other side of this crisis.

The Challenges of Leadership During a Crisis

As a leader, do these two things. First, make sure you are supporting your team through the anxiety of this season. Second, shift your strategic focus — from a mindset concerned with surviving to a plan that leads to thriving.