Temporary HR Professionals in Louisville, Kentucky

Temporary HR Professionals by Integrity HRWhether you are looking for a temporary (interim) HR professional, part-time HR professional or even a full-time VP of HR in Louisville, KY, Integrity HR has the solution for you.

We Are Experienced HR Practitioners Driving Improved Business Performance with Scalable Solutions

  • We are a team of accomplished Human Resources experts utilizing a simple approach;
  • We ask the right questions to get to the heart of your business issues;
  • We then partner with your team to define and apply the solution;
  • Finally, we increase your team’ capabilities and productivity by transferring the process and knowledge to you.

You can engage Integrity HR Professional Services in a variety of ways best suited to your needs.

Solutions for Temporary HR Professionals in Louisville, KY:

  • Regular Hire: Integrity HR will activate and conduct a search for a HR professional who is calibrated to your requirements. Our access to a comprehensive network of talent ensures that you have the right person with the right skills at the right time.
  • Part-time capability: Smaller companies rarely need a full-time, true VPHR, yet they do need access to the expertise. Integrity HR can provide the efficient, expert consultant you require, and scale our effort to match your needs as they change.
  • Temporary HR (Interim) professional: If you’ve lost your HR professional due to leave of absence, termination or for other reasons, Integrity HR will step in with an interim professional until you hire a regular replacement. Your search for a replacement can then be conducted deliberately, thoroughly, and without haste, knowing your company is supported by a highly experienced industry veteran.
  • Project-based: If your company is facing a short term need, a transaction for which you believe your incumbent HR staff isn’t prepared or experienced, Integrity HR will lead them through the process to a successful, efficient conclusion.
  • Advisory: The Integrity HR Consulting Team advises CEOs, CFOs, boards, and investors on a variety of matters, including leadership coaching, HR operating strategies, due diligence, and restructurings.

We typically seek to fill your position with a qualified professional based on these factors:

  • Human Resource Discipline
  • Scope of Previous Projects
  • Past Industry Experience
  • Project Billable Rate
  • Geographic Proximity
  • Company Cultural Fit

If you are interested in our Temporary HR Professional Services or any of our HR solutions, please contact us today by calling 877-753-0970

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