PEOIs PEO the right choice for your organization?

If you’re reading this, one of a few things has probably happened in your organization recently:

  • Maybe you’re going through the growing pains of a thriving business
  • Maybe your organization is to the point where you need help in HR, but you don’t necessarily need a full HR department
  • Maybe you’ve had a recent bad experience with an HR-related role in your company that could have been avoided if you had a more competent HR resource

Typically, if your organization has 20-200 employees and/or you question the need for a full time resource, then you are a perfect candidate to use Integrity HR’s PEO services

Integrity HR Team

Meet The Integrity HR Team!

Integrity HR utilizes a team of Certified HR Professionals who cooperate systematically and strategically with one another to provide small to medium sized organizations (typically 20-200 employees) with expert PEO Services (Professional Employer Organization).

This team approach provides expertise from many different areas of Human Resources, something one person alone could not provide.

As part of our PEO services, Integrity HR would be the answer to the challenges with your day-to-day HR needs. Whether you…

  • are facing a complex compliance situation
  • need help handling difficult employee issues
  • need management support
  • need on-site resources to ensure compliance, solid policies/practices
  • need help hiring the best employees who will stay with you
  • need a resource for payroll outsourcing
  • need “on site” or phone support for those challenging HR solutions…

Under the PEO platform, the client and Integrity HR enter into a co-employment agreement. Co-employment involves a contractually sharing of employer responsibilities.

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What is a PEO? 

A PEO allows companies to outsource the management of human resource (HR) tasks such as payroll and tax administration, health and workers’ compensation insurance, voluntary benefits and retirement plans. A PEO and its client (the employer), enter into a co-employment arrangement, making the PEO the legal administrator of record. This model allows small employers to effectively offload their employment-related administrative responsibilities and in some cases, gain access to fortune 500-level HR infrastructure and benefits programs.