Top 5 Human Resources Projects for 2018

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Every year, we all go through the same shock that fourth quarter has arrived, and just when we think we’ve accepted it, it’s practically gone!

The short winter days slip by us, and before we know it, we’re saying goodbye to 2017 and formulating our 2018 plans.

One of our goals in 2018 – as well as any year – is to help businesses improve their HR function. So today we’d like to make our first move towards that goal by providing you with a few ideas for effective HR projects to undertake in 2018.

We know it may not technically be the New Year just yet, but this is prime planning time! So let’s get to it so you can hit the ground running once you wake up from that New Year’s Day nap!

Top 5 Human Resources Projects for 2018

1.  Conduct an HR Operational Review

When is the last time you truly evaluated your human resources processes and procedures? Are you using up-to-date forms that comply with all of the new legislation? Are you unintentionally discriminating against a protected class? The list of questions goes on and on.

An HR Operational Review (aka an HR Compliance Review or an HR Audit) provides the answers. Having an objective third party examine your processes helps you see what you are doing right, but more importantly, what you need to correct. (What could be a better way to start the new year?)

Conducting an HR Operational Review is beneficial so you can discover where your company is at risk & how to fix it before it is too late. Remember: All it takes to get into a labor dispute is one mad, irrational former employee. It’s best to be prepared.

To get a quick overview and find out if your business could be at risk, take our free, online HR operational review here.

2. Complete a Compensation Review

When is the last time you really thought about the compensation philosophy in your organization? (Maybe recently if you participated in our Compensation Webinar this fall. Check out the recording here.)

A properly administered compensation strategy can reduce payroll costs and dramatically increase the productivity of a workplace, enhance the company culture, and increase the company’s overall bottom line.

So, in 2018, we encourage you to consider if your current compensation structure caters to the performance you expect. For instance, would it make more sense for your organization to lower base wages and increase performance incentives? Would paying above industry standards help attract high talent?

Another important point to consider is if your compensation strategy is consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Have you correctly identified the exemption status of your employees? Are your managers educated as to what they can and can’t do when it comes to allowing time off, etc?

Check out our compensation consulting services here if you’d like to learn more.

3. Revamp your Recruiting Process

If you’re frustrated with the quality of candidates you’re attracting, the time it’s taking to hire high caliber candidates and/or the cost associated with recruiting and retaining employees, you should consider revamping your recruiting process.

Don’t worry – Integrity HR can help. Our professional recruiting services can be tailored to fit your needs.

When you outsource your recruitment process to Integrity HR, you will see a significant return on investment.

Integrity HR’s team of certified consultants will customize your recruiting policies and procedures for your organization that will save you time and money, and comply with federal and state legal guidelines.

Other key areas of improvement include:

-Better and more cost-effective processes

-Reductions in time to hire

-A wider and more engaged network of potential candidates

-Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation

-More responsive workforce planning

-Closer alignment of talent strategy with business strategy

Learn more about our professional recruiting services here.

4. Consider Incorporating Assessment Tools

Does your business struggle to find the “great” employees? Would you like to know exactly how to develop your current employees for better performance?

Perhaps you are looking for a better gauge of a job candidate before a hiring decision is made. How about comparing how your staff ranks against industry benchmarks, or even their own job description?

We know that many businesses struggle to find, hire, and develop a successful team, which is why Integrity HR offers a wide variety of behavioral and talent assessment tools to help you select top talent and develop team members.

Incorporating assessments into your hiring process and team development program allows you to measure results before, during, and after a hire. Learn more about behavioral & talent assessment tools here.

In addition to assessment tools, you may want to consider incorporating an Applicant Tracking System as well. If you’re buried under an avalanche of resumes, cover letters, and assessment results, then the ATS will help you to organize and track your candidates.

Integrity HR’s Applicant Tracking System is a web-based hiring software that automates every step in your hiring process. This system makes you look like a rockstar with your applicants through easy-to-find online job postings, automated resume uploads, and professional email communications.

Discover how the Applicant Tracking System can help you achieve success here.

5. Develop a Succession Plan

While you’re already in the planning mode, why not develop a succession plan for your business in 2018?

Every company (big or small) needs to have a succession plan in place. A solid succession plan can assist with business continuity, tap the potential for intellectual capital in the organization & improve employee morale, among other benefits.

Developing a succession plan doesn’t have to be complicated! Succession planning basically means identifying internal employees with the potential to fill leadership positions to make for a smoother transition when leadership change occurs.

Integrity HR’s Succession Planning services can help you to identify critical jobs, potential successors, and skills gaps in order to create an effective succession plan for your organization. Learn more here.

There you have it: The Top 5 Human Resources Projects for 2018.

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We hope you had your pen & planner out! We are HR professionals, but we’re not biased: tackling these HR projects really can significantly enhance your business.

How do we know?

Because we complete these projects all the time for other companies and they see positive results.

We want you to see positive results this year, too.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with any of these projects. Here’s to your success in 2018!

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