So, You’re Hiring … Now What? Recruiting 101

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Recruiting

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So, You’re Hiring … Now What? Recruiting 101

It’s time to hire – and no matter the position, there’s a lot at stake. The person you select will impact your company’s culture and business success. Hopefully impacting both for the better. 

But in a less ideal situation, the new hire could be costly and negatively impact your operations. 

That’s why hiring the right person for the job is so important – because the impacts are so far-reaching. But how do you find the person who can adequately fill your business’ vacant role?

Start with Strategizing the Position You’re Hiring. 

If you’re looking to hire, then you know there’s a role that needs to be filled. 

There are two paths to take from here – one that’s strategic and one that is not.

You could find the nearest job board and start posting the position you have available. While this path is action-driven, it’s not strategic. 

You strategize your sales approach, marketing, and products/services – why wouldn’t you strategize the core of your business, your people?

To strategically make your new hire, you’ve got to begin by strategizing who would make the best addition to your team. Then, your strategy should guide both your recruitment and your selection process 

Consider what skill sets, character traits, and past experience are critical to the role as well as ideal for impacting your company overall. When you think holistically about the role and how it functions within your business, you start to get an idea of what type of individual would thrive in the position.

Of course, there are Equal Opportunity Employment laws that prohibit hiring discrimination, and you cannot recruit and hire based on an applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

Write a Job Description That Attracts.

You will want to create a comprehensive job description that will attract the type of person needed for the role. When a description is detailed and complete, the people who apply for the position are more likely to be qualified to fulfill it.  

When you’re creating the job description, you’re going to want to make sure that it clearly outlines expectations. Ensure that your write-up includes your company’s mission, explains how the role fits into it, and identifies the requirements and responsibilities of fulfilling the position. The goal here is to make sure the description is informative so that a candidate can envision themselves in the position. 

Make Your Business Stand Out.

These days, practically every business that’s thriving is hiring. 

Potential employees have a lot of opportunities to choose from, so you want to make sure your business stands out to the right candidates.

When you list your job description, you need to promote it in a way that aligns with the value that your company brings beyond compensation. 

Ask yourself: What benefits does my organization offer that might interest (and win over) a potential candidate?

Offering affordable healthcare plans or competitive 401k contributions is more common now than in the past. If your company offers something unique – like child care assistance, volunteer opportunities, quarterly bonuses, weekly lunches, or discounted gym memberships – now is the time to promote it.

You want to make it clear you provide the benefits that are important to them as well as unique benefits they won’t find somewhere else.

Partner with a professional.

Many companies that seek to hire the right candidate choose to partner with a recruiting firm or consultant to help create a plan and get quality candidates. Recruiting and HR consulting services have proven indispensable for those who utilize them.

Recruiters live and breathe hiring and are a helpful resource in streamlining the process of finding the right fit for your open position. They understand the ins and outs of what you can and cannot do while recruiting. They will also help you maximize your recruiting efforts to reach more qualified candidates. 

By partnering with a recruiting consultant, you take the guesswork out of hiring. 

Take Your Time.

The most important thing to remember when trying to hire is: Don’t rush it. The recruitment process takes time: If you want to find the right person, you will have to be patient and diligent in your hiring process. 

Of course, there are ways to speed up the process. The best way to make your recruiting and hiring process more efficient is to partner with an expert.

At Integrity HR, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours remain competitive and be successful by helping you to not only recruit the best and brightest to your organization but to also help you retain them. Let’s talk about how you can make your next hire your best hire by partnering with Integrity HR.

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