Recruitment Challenges 2022: Six Ways to Smarter Hiring Part Three

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Recruiting

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Recruitment Challenges 2022: Six Ways to Smarter Hiring Part Three

In Part One and Part Two, we discussed three ways to smarter hiring: evaluate your EVP, simplify your hiring process, and utilize screening tools. Our best hiring strategies continue below.

4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) 

DE&I, or sometimes referred to as D&I, is often brought up in discussions of the best recruiting strategies. While people automatically associate the word “diversity” with identifiers like race, religion, sexuality, etc., there’s more to it than that. While these groups are all part of the overall makeup of diversity, and important in the conversation of DE&I, we also need to think of diversity of thought 

People often gravitate towards people who are like themselves, including in hiring processes. This can be great – but who is going to challenge you, or anyone else, if you all think in the same way? What opportunities for growth does your business miss if everyone always agrees? 

Consider meetings. If everyone says “Great, best idea ever,” it’s tempting to feel that things couldn’t be any better. But is it the best idea ever? You want someone to push back and say “I don’t know, is it? Let’s have this conversation.”  

We think about race, religion, sexuality, etc. as diversity. Absolutely. You want to see that around your table, too. Everyone needs to have a voice. Take it a step further and examine your table of thought diversity. How can these different voices move your business forward in ways you wouldn’t have considered otherwise? Where is there room for improvement in your business, and how can the perfect candidate bring a new perspective that promotes growth in these areas? 

5. Applicant Tracking Tools 

An applicant tracking system is a software program that houses all of your candidates. Why is it important? Well, first off, without an applicant tracking system, you’re probably fumbling with a stack of papers on your desk. If the person in charge of the paper copies leaves, then what? It’s important to have the information housed somewhere safe and secure. 

Applicant tracking systems also have historical data that can come in handy when it’s time to fill a position again. Whether you’ve promoted someone internally and need to backfill their position, or an employee has left and it’s time to fill their position, you can go into the applicant tracking system and see the historical data of people who previously applied for the position. You can reach out and see if these people are still interested. Having an applicant tracking system allows you to have your pipeline built, so when you do need to hire more people, you can pick things back up without having to start from scratch. 

6. Hire a Professional Recruitment Agency 

Talent Acquisition is so important on so many levels. Many people equate Talent Acquistion with Human Resources. Yes, it’s under the umbrella, but it’s very separate. Talent Acquisition Recruiting is the process of looking at the big picture and asking “Do we have the right people on the team? Where do we need to add? What needs to be done?” 

Talent Acquisition Recruiters are a candidate’s first impression of your company, and set the tone for what the business is. Whether that’s a team internally, or you come to us as your Professional Staff Recruiting Agency, it is so important. You want to have good people giving out your message to make the best impression on candidates. 

That all starts with an EVP (as mentioned in Part One – link here). If you need help with your EVP, your talent acquisition strategy, assessments and tracking systems, DE&I, or any aspect of the recruiting process, reach out to us. Our Professional Recruiting Services can conquer any hiring challenge you’re experiencing. With over 50 collective years of experience, we are the experts you can rely on. Give us a call today at 502.753.0970, or fill out our online form here. 

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