Recruitment Challenges 2022: Six Ways to Smarter Hiring Part Two

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Recruiting

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Recruitment Challenges 2022: Six Ways to Smarter Hiring Part Two

We’re helping you beat the recruitment challenges plaguing businesses today. In Part One, we discussed evaluating your EVP, and simplifying your hiring process. Our tips to smarter hiring continue below.

3. Utilize Screening Tools 

There are so many tools that can be used for screening candidates for the best fit for the position. Of course, a skill set fit is important, but some of that can be taught. It’s also necessary to ensure a good culture fit. One thing many candidates say is important to them is feeling included in the company. That’s where these screening tools come in. 

We like to utilize several different tools in our recruiting process. There’s the DiSC assessment, which measures a person’s tendencies and preferences. There are no “bad” DiSC assessment results, but their results can give insight into the work style of a candidate, and if it would be the best culture fit for your business. There is also the PXT assessment, which helps you answer the questions “Can they do the job?”, “How will they do the job?” and “Will they enjoy the job?” based on an assessment of cognitive skills, behavioral skills, and motivations.  

You want to have both skills testing and emotional intelligence testing to find the best possible fit for a role. These assessment help bridge the gap on what the candidate would be like in the role in reality, versus the perception of the candidate we have from their resume. 

Utilizing assessments in your hiring process can be like looking at an iceberg.

What we see in an interview is just the tip of the iceberg above the water. What we really want to get to, in terms of the right candidate, is what’s below the water. Assessments give us a bigger picture than what we see in an interview and on a resume.  

For example, we had a recent client who was really struggling with hiring. They had offered two candidates the position, and neither worked out. They were frustrated, and needed our help figuring out a better strategy. We introduced assessments into the process, which helped us find and choose a better culture fit. With our assistance and the extra detail and insight they received from utilizing assessments, they were able to find that ideal candidate that merged the skill set fit for the role required, as well as the culture fit needed to thrive in the position. So far it has been a great fit! We have many success stories just like this.  

If you have trouble finding the right fit for your roles, consider reaching out to us. We have many different assessments we utilize, and we know the right combination of skills testing and screening assessments to acquire the best talent and culture fit possible. If a Professional Staffing Agency is what you need, contact us today at 502.753.0970, or fill out our online form here. 

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