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In case you missed it, Integrity HR has been all over the news this week giving employers tips on how to survive “Shermageddon” (The media’s name for the traffic mess caused by the closure of the Sherman Minton bridge).

For those of us living in the Louisville Metro area, getting to work these next few months is going to be a nightmare! But businesses can’t just shut down; life must go on and employees have to get to work some how.

The question is: What should employers do with employees whose commute has doubled (or ever tripled) in time?

That’s where Integrity HR comes in. We’ve complied the “Top 5 FREE Tips For Employers To Survive Shermageddon.” Download our FREE tips here.

Amy Letke, Founder and CEO of Integrity HR, was on the Terry Meiner’s Radio Show on Wednesday September 14 giving a summary of the tips on how to survive Shermageddon.

Amy Letke was also featured on WDRB 41 news at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Thursday September 15 and 6 a.m. on September 16 sharing her tips for employers.

View that video here.

On Friday September 16, Amy Letke’s advice for employers on how to deal with the traffic issues was featured in the Business First of Louisville. View the pdf of that article here: Business First Bridge Blues Amy Letke.

But if you want a complete list of the “Top 5 FREE Tips for Employers To Survive Shermageddon” sign up here and we’ll send them to you!

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