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HR Alerts For January 2018

Jan 5, 2018 | Blog

HR Alerts For January 2018

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January HR Alert NLRA

2018 Federal Law Updates to NLRA Workplace Policies

The National Labor Relations Board overruled its 2004 position on “facially neutral” workplace rules. Since 2004, the Board has struck down policies that could be “reasonably construed” by an employee to limit their rights under the NLRA. Under the new rule, the Board will evaluate two things: (1) The nature and extent of the potential impact on NLRA rights, and (2) Legitimate justifications associated with the rule.

Read the details of the workplace policies ruling here.


January HR Alerts - NLRA

2018 Federal Law Updates to NLRA Joint Employment

The National Labor Relations Board has returned to its pre-2015 position on joint employment. In all pending and future cases, two or more organizations will be considered joint employers under the NLRA if one entity has actually exercised control over the essential employment terms of another organization’s employees and has exercised that control directly and immediately in a manner that is not limited and routine.

Read the details of the joint employment ruling here.


HR Alert Minimum Wage - HR Alerts For January 2018

Reminder – Federal Contractors Minimum Wage Increase

Beginning January 1, 2018, the minimum wage rate for federal contractors increased from the previous $10.20 per hour to $10.35 per hour. We recommend that employers review the pay rates of their employees and make any necessary changes to comply with the rate increase.

Read more about the minimum wage increase here.

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