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HR Alerts For February 2018

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February 2018 HR Alerts

DOL Adopts New Unpaid Intern Test

In January, the Department of Labor (DOL) adopted a new test for unpaid internships. Employers should use this test when determining if an intern can be legally classified as unpaid or if they need to be classified as an employee and paid accordingly. The new test consists of 7 questions inquiring about the academic and monetary expectations of the internship.

Get the New Unpaid Intern Test Questions here.


February 2018 HR Alerts

2018 Withholding Tables & W4 Forms

The IRS released the new 2018 income-tax withholding tables in mid-January, showing the new rates employers will use during 2018. The IRS is currently in the process of updating the new 2018 W4 Form. Until the new 2018 W4 Form is released, employers should continue to use the 2017 W4 Form. Employees do not need to do anything at this time.

Click here for more information on the IRS Withholding for 2018.


February 2018 HR Alert

EEO-1 Survey Due March 31, 2018

This year, the EEO-1 filing deadline for your 2017 data is March 31, 2018. In the past, the EEO-1 filing deadline was originally scheduled for September 2017, but the deadline was moved to March 2018 in anticipation of implementing new pay-data reporting requirements. These pay-data reporting requirements were not implemented for the 2017 survey submission, but the EEOC kept the new March 31, 2018 deadline.

You can find the EEO-1 online application and submit your form here.

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