Top 5 Reasons To Automate Your Performance Appraisal System

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Blog

  • Karen Hamilton

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We know that the words performance appraisal or performance review give managers the heebie jeebies.

So, we’ve decided to completely scare the pants off everyone and throw in the word “automated.”

Yes, we’re talking technology.

It’s about time we step up our game when it comes to our performance appraisals. And we know change can be uncomfortable, but we promise that automated performance appraisals are worth it.

And we’ll tell you why.

The Top 5 Reasons to Automate your Performance Appraisal System

1. Time /Cost

Automated performance appraisals allow employees and managers to receive the evaluation on a timely basis.

Systems are often set up for the employee to complete a self-evaluation first. Then, the results of the evaluation are routed immediately to the manager for their completion.

Doesn’t that sound convenient?

Once the initial set up is completed, organizations save money by not spending money for someone to copy, route, scan and file the performance appraisal.

A well run, automated system allows the organization to increase the frequency of the appraisal system by eliminating the manual effort that a non-automated system requires.

With the push of a button, appraisals may be launched effortlessly.

We like the sound of that!

2. Metrics

Automated performance appraisals make capturing performance metrics so much easier!

Typical systems have reporting functions built in and people management dashboards are easy to create from the metrics.

We all know how important metrics are to the overall business’ success!

3. Legal Compliance

Many systems have online writing assistance built in to prescreen narratives to ensure that sensitive and potentially legally damaging statements are avoided.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have when you do in-person performance appraisals? We think so!

4. Increase Engagement

Studies show that automated systems increase employee and management engagement by allowing real time feedback.

An effective performance appraisal system can:

  • Make your employees feel appreciated, reducing employee turnover.
  • Work toward a feeling of empowerment, which increases productivity.
  • Free up management time, allowing executives to focus more on running the company as opposed to micromanaging employees.
  • Outline clear expectations so little time is wasted on mundane tasks.

You know what lower turnover and increased productivity means, right? More money going toward the bottom line!

5. Generation Y aka Millennials

We have a love/hate relationship with the term “Millenials” around our office. While we don’t believe that you should label your employees with certain characteristics just because of when they were born, there is one thing for certain about the Generation Y (or the Millennials)…they love technology.

This “internet” generation grew up with all the latest and greatest technology. They’ve learned to adapt to each new system as it comes along.

There are also a lot of “Generation Y” employees who do not like paper. You can show these employees just how “hip” you are by completing your performance appraisals online!

Just don’t use the word “hip.”

Those are just 5 reasons why we suggest using an automated performance appraisal system.

In the end, managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving success – whether your complete your appraisals online or on paper is up to you!

Integrity HR can help you design a performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most out of your employees. Just give us a call to learn more – 877-753-0970 or contact us using this form.

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