5 Questions To Ask When Selecting Your Applicant Tracking System

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Blog

  • Robin Adkins

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Assessments, Oh My!

Endless stacks of paper inevitably doomed to fall off of your desk will become a thing of the past when your company implements an electronic applicant tracking system.

We don’t know many people who actually enjoy recruiting (ok – our HR experts do, but they are the exception!)

Posting your job on hundreds of job sites, looking through stacks of resumes, sending rejection emails – they are all very tedious tasks.

An applicant tracking system is a web-based hiring software that automates every step in your hiring process. The system makes you look like a rock star with your applicants through easy-to-find online job postings, automated resume uploads, and professional email communications.

But how do you select the right applicant tracking system for your company? We’re here to help!

Here are 5 questions to ask when selecting
your company’s applicant tracking system:

Question #1: Does the system fit with modern-day recruiting needs?

The ability to easily post jobs as well as push to social media platforms is key for modern-day recruiting.

(Check out this article and infographic on social media recruitment trends.)

Ask your vendor what job boards their system integrates with. You want to find a system that will automatically post to the top sites like Indeed.com.

Let’s not forget about those millennials. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, many recruiting experts are now turning to videos to get their ads out there. Find out if the system can accommodate video job postings.

(Check out this article and infographic for more tips on recruiting millennials)

Question #2: Is the system easy to use for both candidates and administrators?

If the system is complicated and frustrating for candidates to complete, you could end up with great candidates abandoning the process and may be reluctant to return to your website.

That is NOT what you want to happen.

Ease of use for the candidate should be a priority when selecting your applicant tracking system.

But don’t forget about your team members.

Anyone involved in the recruiting process should be able to use the applicant tracking system with ease. The easier the system is to use the less time your team has to spend on the already timely task of recruiting.

When you cut down the time it takes to recruit for a position, you cut the cost of recruiting. It’s a win-win.

Question #3: Does the system provide customer support?

In addition to a help section available on the website, you’ll want a system that provides customer support when you need it.

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to access something you need and not being able to reach an actual human to help you.

When you work with Integrity HR’s Applicant Tracking System, we provide the support you need. We are local, HR experts here to help take the pain out of recruiting. And we are human, too! (Click here to learn about our Applicant Tracking System.)

Question #4: Can the system be customized to fit your organization’s unique business needs?

Does your company have specific reporting requirements? Or use an employee referral system or need an internal candidate board?

Make sure the system can accommodate all of the unique things you need it to handle.

Also be sure that features that aren’t needed can be removed or turned off, such as certain government reporting required of some employers.

(Be sure to know the federal regulations that apply to your company when it comes to hiring. Go to the Department of Labor’s website to learn more.)

Question #5: Does the system have a metrics or analytics features?

You’ve heard the saying before…it goes something like “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Make sure your applicant tracking system can provide metrics and analytics on areas such as time to fill, source of hire, application dropouts, conversion percentages, etc.

It is very important to have this information so that you can consistently improve your recruiting process.

We hope that these 5 questions will help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your company.

Of course, we recommend checking out our Applicant Tracking System! (You saw that coming, right?)

We offer two “levels” for our Applicant Tracking System to meet your company’s needs.

Learn more about our Applicant Tracking System here or give us a call – 877-753-0970.

If you have any more questions about how to select an applicant tracking system, please post a comment below!

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