Finding The Right Human Resources Function For Your Indiana Business

human resources the perfect fit

The Perfect Fit

Many Indiana business leaders are haunted by the question: Do I really need human resources at my company?

After all, you’ve been successful thus far without an Human Resources function. Who says you can’t keep going on like this? Or maybe you know you need some type of HR help, but you just aren’t sure exactly how much help you need.

No worries. We’re here to help! The HR Consultants at Integrity HR have years of experience helping companies decide what is the right HR fit for their Indiana businesses. Integrity HR’s Founder & CEO Amy Letke explains in this video exactly what Human Resources function your company needs. Check it out!

The Perfect Fit: Finding Just The Right Human Resources Function For Your Indiana Business

When Indiana Businesses Typically Need HR Help

Less than 20 employees: Tools/HR Set Up “DIY”

First, ask yourself: Do I have the appropriate tools in place? For example: Personnel files, policies and procedures, and  employee handbooks. These will help your business operate more effectively! And don’t forget Unemployment and Workers Comp!

Now, what happens when you get more employees? You have more employee issues! You have to think about recruitment, performance management, communication, safety issues and compliance. So when you start getting bigger, not only do you need these tools and set up so that you have a really smooth flowing HR process, but you also start needing some onsite HR help.

21-50 Employees: Onsite HR + P&P

At this level, you may not need a full-time resource, but you need someone to manage certain things for you. For example, making sure you have a great recruitment process and have new people start on the first day doing a great job.

A part-time HR consultant can help you sleep better at night by handling your employee issues, problems and challenges.

51-100 Employees: More “Live HR” and Governance

This is where your part-time Human Resources consultant becomes more of a strategic partner. You can protect your business from compliance fines by having a strategic HR partner. A strategic HR partner will help you work toward your business goals, offer measurable results, and make a difference by helping you manage your people to get great performance.

101+ Employees: Strategic HR Plans “Bottom Line Results”

This is where you really need a full-time HR professional. You need to be looking at your HR strategy. How is HR adding value with your recruitment processes, performance management, onboarding, safety, employee benefits, etc? By the time you get this number of employees, you want to make sure your HR is running like a well-oiled machine. HR needs to deliver those bottom line results!

So if you’re looking for a partner to help you with Human Resources–manage those difficult issues, get your protocol and policies in place, help you reduce compliance potential and fines, and offer value to your business, give me a call, 877-753-0970.

Integrity HR would love to help your Human Resources be productive and profitable in your Indiana business.

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