The following list of testimonials is extensive and is a tribute to the services and deliverables that Integrity HR provides to its clients.

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Client Testimonials

We are very proud to have received such gracious feedback and we’d like to invite you to take a look:

“The partnership with Integrity HR has benefited our agency’s performance while providing a compliant, safe & healthy work environment for our employees. They go over and beyond the call of duty and are always available with a team that is ready, knowledgeable, and has our best interest in mind.”

Tony Toran
Deputy Executive Director, New Albany Housing Authority

“We have a great relationship with Integrity HR. They handle everything from recruiting, consulting, compliance, employee handbooks, and much more which has saved us money. Integrity HR is our HR.”

Chuck Ferraro
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Dismas Charities, Inc.

“Having an HR team allows you to work on your business and they are able to do the work behind the scenes. They have been invaluable in assisting us retain staff and grow our business. They also coach you to know when you need to dissolve a partnership. Sometimes we don’t have all the tools in the beginning to know we as a business owner have done our due diligence. They can say as a 3rd party you have put all the things in motion that as a business you needed to. This allows you to invest in the team you have to move them forward and grow your business.”

Denise Zeydel
Z Salon & Spa

“You really are one of our most valuable and appreciated strategic partnerships as you get us and what we are all about. We appreciate you and have a level of trust in you that I cannot begin to write words that would truly communicate our appreciation of your care and attention to us. I want to do business with people that I know care about us, our business, and our team. You do in a big way and it shows.”

William A. Eversole, CPA, Managing Member
Summit CPA

“Working with Integrity HR has been a game changer. We have better leaders, we’re more consistent, and we’re more equitable across the board. It’s truly been transformative.”

Karyn Hascal
President, The Healing Place


“I exclusively recommend Integrity HR – they are one of the highest quality firms in Louisville. You know you’re dealing with trustworthy people who are, as their name implies, of high integrity.”

Ray Strothman, CPA
Managing Partner, Strothman and Company

Lynn-Cooper-BFW-Integrity-HR-Testimonial“Working with Integrity HR has given me peace of mind. I am a true believer in bringing in the experts for HR advice and that’s why I partner with Integrity HR.”

Lynn Cooper
President/CEO, BFW, Inc.


“We’re all about technology and great at what we do, but the human systems and HR part is something we count on the real professionals to help us with. That’s why we partner with Integrity HR – they’re the experts.”

Mike Spence
VP of Relationship Services, KiZAN Technologies, LLC

Pam Darnall, Family & Children's Place“Our partnership with Integrity HR is on a different level of professionalism than we have ever experienced with an HR service provider. We value that they help us be more strategic about our HR efforts, and they customize their services to fit our needs. This is critical for our non-profit organization.”

Pam Darnall
President and CEO, Family & Children’s Place

Don-Diebold-Kemba-Integrity-HR-Testimonial“When you’re a small company like mine, you think you are below the threshold to worry about compliance issues. But not these days. Integrity HR is there to lead us through the employee issue. They provide us with a top-notch, knowledgeable, and professional service at an affordable price.”

Don Diebold
President, KEMBA Louisville Credit Union


“Working with Integrity HR has given us a solid safety net. I have great confidence that we are making the right human resource decisions and lowering our risks in a field of ever-changing rules.”

Mike Wise
Financial Director, Fenton & McGarvey Law Firm, P.S.C.

Ingrid-Hernandez-Ingrid-Design-Integrity-HR-Testimonial“Integrity HR gives me top level HR expertise. The consultants are smart, savvy and professional. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!”

Ingrid Hernandez,
President/Creative Director, Ingrid Design, LLC

“When Floyd County Government needed to fill an important position like an HR Director, we did not hesitate to contact Integrity HR for their help in filling this position. From the first phone call, to emails, to interviews, to recommendations, to the final phone call, Integrity HR was there for us every step of the way. Integrity HR was very professional, listened to our needs and helped us navigate the ever-changing HR profession. They took our needs seriously, and communicated with us in a timely matter to move this process along. I feel that without Integrity HR’s help, the county would not have gotten the professional candidates that we needed. I also believe the county would have spent more money during the search for a director, and I feel the process would have taken longer to complete. I would say to any business or local government agency that Integrity HR performed above expectations, completed the tasks on time, and I recommend their services to anyone that has a human resources need, big or small.”

Brad Striegel
President, Floyd County Council

Are you still reading our testimonials?

If so, here’s even more nice things our clients have said about us!

“I truly appreciate your team’s support, especially through all of the hard times. But, beyond the business side of things, your calls to say “how are you doing today?” took the edge off of those bad days. Your work to help us avoid employee relations issues and boost morale through training, surveys, focus groups and management counseling was a great success. With your guidance we have been able to avoid situations that surely would have escalated into serious problems.

I can’t even imagine going back to the days where I attended seminars to supplement a “winging it” type of HR solution. We have saved a great deal of money over the years by working with Integrity HR. I look forward to our continued business relationship and wish you the very best as Integrity HR grows.”

– David R., VP and General Manager, Manufacturing client

“I feel good about writing that check to Integrity HR each month. They provide excellent service!”

– Julie A., Construction Services

“We always check with IHR even if we think we know the answer to an HR question and it’s saved us a lot of attorneys fees!”

– Lyndy A, Nonprofit literacy organization

“We really appreciate our consultant’s promptness and dependability. If there’s something she finds she can’t help us with she always makes sure we are taken care of.”

– Carolyn P, Tool manufacturers.

“Our consultant is diligent, detail-oriented and is usually coming to me to remind me of things we need to do while I’m dealing with something else. I’ve very pleased!”

– Jim P., Venture capital firm

“Our consultant is terrific! She’s attentive and completely understands the sensitivity required in dealing with our issues. She also shows a sense of urgency to take care of these issues in a timely fashion. She’s great at prioritizing things for us so they’re taken care of in the order that makes the most sense.”

– Peter G., Nonprofit organization for veterans

“I would just like to take a moment and say ‘Thank You’ for all of your support and guidance over the past year. You have been a solid foundation for me as I have made the transition into HR for the company and I look forward to your continued service, training, and success with Integrity HR by my side.”

– Alex A., Human Resources,  Full Service Domestic Manufacturer Client

“We have referred many of our employees to you for coaching in different areas affecting their positions in the company. We have seen tremendous positive results from your coaching. These employees returned to our company with positive attitudes, raised confidence, willingness to put your coaching into practice, and have been very successful in becoming more valuable to our company.

We highly recommend your services to do this type of training and coaching for other companies. Please feel free to have anyone call us for a recommendation at any time.

Thank you for your hard work. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future.”

– Shirley L. J., Vice President, Human Resources, Leading Supplier for the Railroad Industry.

“Over the past couple of years we have worked with Integrity HR relating to several recent coaching engagements which have been extremely effective.

I believe your effectiveness is the result of several things, including a holistic approach with coaching engagements, an understanding of business needs and concepts, practical ideas and suggestions for individuals to apply in the workplace, personable attitudes, and a results-oriented frame of mind.

Thank you kindly for working with our staff to improve their performance. Your service has been invaluable.”

– Ken M., Director, HR-Corporate, Electric and Gas Provider

“Over the past year and a half I have been extremely pleased to work with the consultants at Integrity HR on numerous human resources projects and issues. Your services are top notch and everyone here has been very pleased with not only the services provided, but the relationship that has formed.

“Having met all of the Integrity HR team and having personally worked with them, I was immediately impressed with their level of professionalism. From the initial discussion of an issue to recommending solutions and concluding with the delivery and execution of services, the degree of professionalism is top notch.

You and your team are excellent listeners and have done a great job of summarizing what you’ve heard and maybe just as important, what you haven’t heard, to provide real world solutions.

With all of the projects Integrity HR has helped us with I’ve NEVER heard anyone say “that was a waste of money.” Thanks so much for making me look good. We look forward to our continued relationships with Integrity HR. You have become a part of our extended company family.”

– Mike S., Director of Human Resources, Premier Packer of Private Label Peanut Butter, Jellies, and Preserves

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you have provided for us over the years. From the hard work you invested in training the 44 supervisors from our three manufacturing facilities through the coaching of several of our employees, your expertise has been of tremendous benefit to our company.

As a part of the training you offered ten different groups made presentations on specific concerns they felt needed to be addressed. Not only did they present these concerns, but they presented viable solutions to these issues. This training is still having an effect on this company to this date. The positive, upbeat attitude and new found confidence from the supervisors is still resonating as a result of your training. 

Thank you so much for your efforts.”

– Shirley J., Leading Supplier for the Railroad Industry.

“Thanks again for the terrific presentation that you shared with us earlier today. Your delivery style kept everyone engaged and your staff did an excellent job with organizing the program and creating a warm and welcoming environment.”

– Janet, Contractors

“On behalf or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Midwest Region, thank you for being a presenter at the 2010 Midwest Leadership Conference.

The information that you shared with the delegates at your session was excellent and provided Midwest professionals and Board volunteers the direction they will need to enhance the services of their local Clubs.

Your session, in particular, received positive feedback from the conference attendees indicating that they really enjoyed your presentation on “Positive Employee Practices to Keep Your Staff Motivated.” Attendees indicated you provided relevant, useful tips and your materials were helpful. All in all, you played a key role in contributing to the overall success of our conference.

Again, thank you for being a part of our conference. I appreciate your support for our Clubs, and ultimately, the youth that they serve.”

– John, J. A., Senior Regional Service Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

“Amy, I just wanted you to know that your presentation was awesome. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I was thoroughly entertained – you certainly know how to hold the attention of a room! I’ll need to attend more of your presentations for sure.”

– Christy J., Director of Marketing and Business Development, Professional Service Provider

(Attended GLI 2013 Small Business How To Series – How To Successfully Manage Change)

I appreciate your knowledge of the rules and regulations that could impact my business and helping us negotiate those rules to the benefit of our associates and the business.  I would highly recommend you to others!”

– Tom H., President, Advertising Agency

“We received excellent comments on the presentation that you did for the Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants. Thank you so much for being a part of our conference. Your presence was extremely beneficial to our audience.”

– Suzanne B., KYCPA

Integrity HR exceeded my expectations! They understood my industry and were all about providing excellent information. I highly recommend them!

– Renee F., President, Professional Service Firm

Integrity HR conducted a very effective employee opinion survey for our manufacturing facilities.  They helped us uncover challenges and opportunities, and set forth action plans to strengthen our business. I highly recommend Integrity HR.”

– Mike S., HR Manager – Food Manufacturer

IntegrityHR handled our Human Resources Audit professionally and conducted on-site training that was effective, and got results.  I strongly recommend them to other organizations.  The consultants are highly professional, knowledgeable, and I will use them again.”

– Sandy R.,  Vice President, Regional Accounting Firm

We contracted with Integrity HR for a compensation project and were very pleased with their organization, expertise, and meeting the deliverables for our organization.  They put together a plan was designed to help our business succeed! I most certainly would recommend them for other organizations seeking human resources and compensation expertise!

– Kim B., Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing Industry

The consultants understood our organization’s needs very well, were knowledgeable and provided great expertise to our project.  I would recommend Integrity HR to my colleagues and other organizations.”

– Sharon S., Vice President, Human Resources, Credit Union

Thank you for a great job on our incentive compensation plan! The plan is meeting our objective and the training was exceptional.  The consultants were terrific to work with.  We look forward to working with you again!”

– Mike S.; Human Resources Director; Manufacturer, Louisville, KY

The consultants exceeded my expectations on our planning project in the areas of technical knowledge/skill; in how they related to us, and in their presentation style.  Their recommendations were extremely useful, and provided timely service.  I will recommend them to others and continue to ask them to assist us in engagements.

– C. Webb, Director of Human Resources, Leading Supplier for the Railroad Industry.

The consultants were very knowledgeable (and professional) and provided thorough training to our organization.  Great thought provoking exercises! I recommend you to others and will ask you to help us again!

– J. Wilkinson, Training Director, Credit Union

Integrity HR excelled in updating our employee handbook, in providing advise, counsel and recommendations on employee issues for our firm. I recommend their consulting services to others!”

– J. Willard, Financial Officer, Full-service provider for electronic check processing services