Integrity HR Culture

22 Reasons You’ll Love Working With Integrity HR

 1. We’re Certified HR Experts – All of our HR Consultants are certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute. We know HR. We know how to save you time, money and frustrations.

2. Our HR Experience and knowledge is shared with you to keep your business current and compliant with all federal and state laws.

3. For organizations without an full-functioning HR Department or for those in need of a more cost-effective HR solution, we can handle managing all of your HR – on site and on demand. For larger organizations, we provide strategic projects to support your growth and organization.

4. We provide peace of mind so you know that whenever you have an HR question or a difficult situation arises, you always have our Certified HR Professionals watching over you and you always have someone to turn to.

5. We have a great sense of humor and make HR as fun as possible – HR can be tough. Let us take the pain out of it.

6. We provide value to our customers’ businesses through productive, measurable HR results.

7. All customers receive either a strategic annual plan or a detailed project plan – ensuring a proactive approach to managing your HR and that a course of action is always in place for what’s next.

8. We like to say “Yes, we can help you!” and then follow through on our commitments.

9. We will keep your organization out of the courtroom using solid HR practices that are always up to date with all federal and state laws.

10. We love our clients. We have a passion for your business and improving its effectiveness.

11. We help you focus on your core business activities – because we know HR, we manage elements you choose, giving you time to work on your core competencies and immediate needs.

12. Our project work, whether it is a Compensation Plan, HR Audit, Recruiting, Training, Policy Development or Performance Management, follows strict protocols that ensures the work is done right, every single time.

13. We keep very low overhead, which means lower costs for you.

14. Our desire is to see our clients become even more successful. And we deliver to help them achieve this. Our success is your success.

15. Just like our clients, we’re fun and interesting people! Contrary to popular belief, HR is not evil!

16. We have safety training products and programs to make complying with OSHA a breeze.

17. We can help clients consistently hire and keep the best people for their culture by using state of the art products and procedures.

18. We care about our community, support local and national charities, and volunteer our time to help others in need.

19. We consistently receive 95%+ client satisfaction scores. Our best compliment is serving you completely.

20. We promise timely follow up, either by phone, in person or by email.

21. Our team has been strategically assembled to contain experience in a variety of different private industries from a variety of different backgrounds. This means that our team understands the needs of all areas of business and many different industries.

22. We chose consulting as a career, to help add value to your business, save you money, improve your performance, and deliver timely projects. We are committed to you and we are here for the long haul.

Bottom line…we’re here to serve you and meet all of your HR needs!

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